Quickbooks Merchant Processing

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Busy Bee Advisors is proud to partner with Intuit for merchant processing services. Through this partnership, we’re able to offer our clients unmatched rates (0.5% to 2.5%) for processing credit card and ACH transactions.

Consider moving your merchant processing to us and save!

Quickbooks Merchant Processing

What is Merchant Processing?

Merchant processing involves the services and systems that enable businesses to accept payments via credit or debit cards. It includes securely transmitting payment data at the sale point, obtaining transaction approval from banks, and facilitating the deposit of funds into a merchant’s account. These services are crucial for businesses aiming to broaden their market reach and enhance payment efficiency, which boosts cash flow and operational performance.

Busy Bee Advisors offers merchant processing through Intuit, which can be particularly advantageous for businesses. This partnership allows seamless integration with QuickBooks, ensuring that transactions are automatically recorded and reconciled in one of the leading financial management systems. Furthermore, Intuit’s robust security features, competitive transaction fees, and comprehensive customer support make it an excellent choice. These attributes make Busy Bee Advisors’ offering through Intuit a reliable and efficient option for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to streamline their payment processes.

How Do I Get Started with Merchant Processing?

Signing up is an easy process and we work with you on each step. Simply follow the link below to our application form where we’ll ask for key details to begin setting up the process. 

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