The Real Buzz

The Real Buzz

Episode 1: Are You Maximizing Your Travel and Reimbursement Expenses for Taxes?

Episode 2: C-Corps and S-Corps and LLCs oh My!

Episode 3: Augusta, Not Just a Golf Tournament But a Brilliant Tax Strategy

Episode 4: What is “Reasonable Compensation?”

Episode 5: What Makes a Great Accountant Plus a Simple Way to Keep Employees and Save on Taxes

Episode 6: Save Time and Money With One…Simple…Change

Episode 7: Are You a Realtor? Then Listen to This!

Episode 8: Starting a Business? How to Save on Taxes Now!

Episode 9: 87,000 New IRS Agents. Are You Prepared?

Episode 10: Hire Your Kids, Save On Taxes – Here’s How

Episode 11: It’s Not Too Late! End of Year Tax Strategies to Implement Now to Save Money

Episode 12: Questions You’ve Asked About Tax Liabilities with Answers From Your Hosts

Episode 13: Is it Time for Somebody New to Do Your Taxes?

Episode 14: Torqued on Taxes? Revving Up the Engines of Software vs Personal Professional Service.

Episode 15: Have You Set Your Business Straight for 2024?

Episode 16: Strategic Benefits to Attract & Retain Staff AND Save on Taxes!

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Busy Bee Advisors Featured on The Intentional Entrepreneur

Busy Bee Advisors Featured on Think Bigger Real Estate Show

Busy Bee Advisors featured on The Successful Bookkeeper

The $12k Tax Loophole That Every Business Owner Should Know About with Melissa and Eric Broughton from Busy Bee Advisors

Journey to Multifamily Millions: You Need More than a Tax Preparer, You Need a Tax Strategist!

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