Business Incorporation Services

Starting An LLC?

New Business Formations

If you’re just starting out with a new business, you need to be sure the business is properly incorporated and abides by state standards. Establishing your business as the right entity (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp) is one of the first steps you should take as a new business owner.

At Busy Bee Advisors, we can help you register your new business and submit all the required paperwork on your behalf. Plus, we’ll advise on the best entity to help with your tax strategy.

Choosing the Right Entity

Which Business Formation Is Right for You?

Businesses can be established as limited liability corporations (LLC), S-Corps or C-Corps. These business entities have different tax implications, so it’s important to establish your business under the right designation.

If you’re a brand new business owner, an LLC is likely the best bet for your scenario. Conversely, S-Corps and C-Corps, are more suited to established businesses. We can take a look at your exact business scenario and recommend the right entity. 

We’ve been handling business formations for years in Sacramento (and the state of California in general). We know what it takes to get the paperwork right so you can avoid any sort of back and forth with your local government. Trust our experience and establish your business today.







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