Our First Podcast is Live!

The Real Buzz

The Real Buzz podcast is all about helping small businesses save money on taxes with forward-thinking tax strategies, tips to get you and keep you organized and pro-active planning ideas. Eric and Melissa Broughton, owners of Busy Bee Advisors, will take you on a fun and informative journey each month exploring topics that will ultimately help your business pay less in taxes… and supporting it all with the legal code, documentation and experience. A must listen for small business.

The Real Buzz: Episode 1

In today’s episode of The Real Buzz, Eric and Melissa Broughton, owners of Busy Bee Advisors, talk travel. They discuss how to take advantage of travel for business purposes, and how to appropriately justify and support your travel-related expenses. They also dish on travel-related per diems, how they work and who can use them. And finally, they offer a reminder about reimbursements to business owners for business-related expenses – how to do them and why it is important.

Check out episode one here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2116042/12050541


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