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Small Business Tax Reduction

If your business has a high tax bill, there are a number of strategies you can use to lower it. Many businesses are able to reduce their taxes by taking advantage of tax breaks and deductions, but they are not aware of what deductions can be used.

At Busy Bee Advisors, we can help you find tax deductions and credits to ensure your business has the best tax scenario possible. On average, we’ll help your business save 30% in taxes.

Expert TAX Advising

How Do We Reduce Taxes?

The first step in reducing your taxes is to determine what tax breaks and deductions you qualify for. There are a number of deductions that businesses can take, including:

  • Business travel expenses
  • Research and development expenses
  • Equipment purchases
  • Interest on business loans
  • Rent or lease payments

There are also a number of credits that businesses can claim, such as the small business tax credit and the research and experimentation credit.

In addition to deductions and credits, businesses can also use tax shelters to reduce their taxes. Tax shelters are investment vehicles that allow businesses to earn income without paying taxes on it. Common examples of tax shelters include life insurance policies, annuities, and mutual funds.

Tax Reduction Sacramento

Ongoing Support with Taxes

Helping Small Businesses Find Success

Reducing your tax bill is not a one-time thing. We’ll need to stay on top of your tax situation to try to keep your annual tax bill as low as possible. We’ll also help you prepare your taxes and resolve any past-due tax issues with the IRS.

Our Sacramento tax experts will get your business on the right track so you can avoid high taxes and get your business on the path to success.

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