You Need More than a Tax Preparer, You Need a Tax Strategist!

Today’s guest is  Melissa Broughton, she is a co-owner of Busy Bee advisors, where she helps small business owners find financial clarity in their business through accounting and tax services.

In this episode, Melissa shares her inspiring journey from corporate accountant to small business owner, fueled by a passion for financial clarity in business, especially for real estate investors. Discover essential topics like the importance of proper bookkeeping, effective tax strategies for various types of investors, and understanding the critical IRS 750-hour rule for real estate professionals.

Melissa highlights the importance of partnering with a tax professional who specializes in real estate to avoid costly mistakes and optimize financial outcomes. Gain insights into the unique challenges faced by accidental landlords and active real estate investors, along with practical advice on managing business finances.

But more than anything, you’re in store for a whole lot of positive energy and great conversation!

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